Do not reply to greeting ( Salaam) while urinating

Two sins lead to punishment in Grave: Not protecting self from urine and slandering people and spreading it among people

Ways to raise and elevate rank and status: Perfect Wudu ( during difficulty), walking towards masjid, waiting for salah

Don’t face Qiblah or show back towards it, while doing toilet, urinating or defecating

Seek forgiveness after leaving from washroom and toilet: Dua and prayer after leaving toilet and washroom

Best and Effective Dua and prayers for Scholars, Aalim, Engineers, Medical students, Engineering students, Doctors, Architect, Students of Knowledge, Professional, Para Medical students, Scientists, Pharmacist, Research Scholar, Ph d Students, Students who are pursuing Competitive and entrance examination, NEET, IELTS, TOFEL, IAS, IPS, NET, NATA, CLAT, CA, MBBS, MD, Chemical engineering, Mechanical engineering, IT, Data Science, AI, ITI, Law students, Civil service examination, Science students, Commerce, Arts students

Don’t ignore and underestimate small opportunity, success,.: Sometimes there is goodness and blessings in bad things

Don’t be sad , hopeless and depressed: Lord Almighty is Excellent Protector and Excellent Helper

Remembering Lord Almighty: Leads to Peace, Calmness, Rest, Relaxation, Satisfaction, Comfort, Energy, Liveliness, Enthusiasm, Motivation, Inspiration, Health, Contentment, Restful Heart, Assured Heart

Tips for peaceful and happy life: Don’t worry what other people think about you, don’t please them, Please Lord Almighty

Don’t be scared, frightened and afraid: Lord Almighty is with you…All Hearing and All Seeing

How to elevate status: Let go approach, ignore others, who hurt you, insults you, defame you, isolate you, distance you, make your fun, your competitors, jealous, hate you, your enemies, those who break relationship, steals your possession, cheats you..

Solution and source of peace of mind: Only Lord Almighty is source of Peace

Be humble: Don’t degrade, hurt and insult others due to their Beauty, poverty, features, appearance, status, job, house, height, weight, complexion, children..

Three replies, answers and responses of Lord Almighty to our prayers, duas , invocations and supplications

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Ignore and bear temporary uncomfort, hunger, thirst, sadness, grief , stress, problems, troubles, insult, hurt, unfavorable condition, lack of resources, funds, money, wealth patiently: You will get eternal and permanent rewards, blessings, favours, paradise, Jannah, comfort, luxuries, fruits, palace,food, accommodation of gold and silver…

Scholar ( Shaykh) smiling at the time of death, lived 100 years: Beautiful death of People of Quran

Mercy and Bounty of Lord Almighty are better than wealth, fame, property, accommodation, plot, house, bungalow, cars, belongings, business, money of disbelievers

Islam improves and upgrades good character, patience, tolerance and humbleness

When there was no mobile phone, there was friendship, concern, communication, sharing of thoughts and ideas, helping others, cooperation, coordination, productive time, activities, walking, exercise, health, proper usage of time…

Dua and Prayer for controlling sexual desire, harmful effects of eyes, hearing, ears , tongue, communication, conversation, talking, speaking, seeing, getting rid of masturbation, bad and evil heart, prevention and protection from zina, sexual fantasies, thinking about sex, evil of tongue, eyes, ears, heart, semen, seeing, hearing and speaking

Quote: How to achieve happiness and peace and how to avoid frustration and worries, saying, thinking and doing same things

Dua and prayer for family , friends and colleagues: Prayers for peace, protection from fear , acceptance and response to secret prayers and fulfillment of Desire

Relationship between rectification and purification of Heart, Actions and Intentions

Kingdom, dominion, power, capabilities, ownership belong to Lord Almighty only and He can do everything. He has power over all things

Causes and reasons of miserable, wretched, sad and depressed life: Excessive desire, greed and worshipping of money and wealth

Lord is watching us, so be patient and satisfied with the decision and decree of our lord

Patience with people and patience with fire: Facing and bearing hurt, oppression, cruelty and harm from people and facing fire

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People in world hate the word ” Repent” but people in grave want to ” Repent”

Worshiper , Scholar, Most Knowledgeable person need guidance: Many Intelligent and stronger people are ignorant, deviant and have gone astray

Make everlasting home, don’t make yourself busy in building temporary home: Home in Akhirah is permanent and far more better than Home of this world

Dua for Dead people: Remember dead people, parents and believers in your prayers, duas , supplications always and frequently