Whatsapp Status on arrogance: Don’t think that we are better than others.


Whatsapp Status: Prayer and Dua for protection of body, eyesight and hearing and from poverty, punishment of grave and disbelief ( Kufr)


Islamic Status : Remembrance of evening, evening adhkar, dua and prayer for protection from paralysis, blindness, cancer, kidney stones, brain tumor, accident, fever, flu, infection, allergy, disability, tumor, diabetes heart attack, covid-19, kidney failure, deafness, Parkinson, Alzheimer, Whatsapp Status: Prayer and Dua for protection of body, eyesight and hearing and from poverty, punishment of grave and disbelief ( Kufr)

Whatsapp Status: Importance of cleaning and removing of obstacles, harmful things from road and street


Pocket Size Holy Qur’an with Clear and accurate translation: It explains Purpose of our Life and Creation


Whatsapp status: How to protect ourselves from torment and sudden punishment: The importance of Obedience and Repentance


The Way to Peace and Prosperity: Solution to restlessness and anxiety

A brief summary of each chapter of the Glorious Qur’an with some explanation where necessary, of the main themes, topics, and teachings. Excellent for the youth, new and non-Muslims as a good dawah tool.

Today’s man is confused. Despite all the material luxuries he is surrounded with, he is in a state of perpetual restlessness and anxiety. He now stands at a crossroad junction, not knowing which direction to turn to or which path to follow. In this situation, he needs some guidance. The Way of Peace and Prosperity is a very modest attempt to inspire him to take the right path through the brief summary of 114 chapters of the Glorious Qur’an. This Divine Book contains guidance for every walk of life which our Creator has provided mankind through the chain of the Prophets which began with the Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him) and ended with the last Messenger, Rehmatul Lil Aalameen (Mercy for all the Worlds), Prophet Muhammad (May Allah bless him and grant him peace).

Sometimes a single verse or a small chapter of the Holy Qur’an can change the course of a man’s life, as it did in the case of Muhammad Asad, a Polish Jew, a prominent journalist and intellectual, and the writer of ‘The Road to Makkah’, who later reverted to Islam. In his case, Surah At-Takathur (Chapter 102), became the life-changing divine revelation for him.

The Way of Peace and Prosperity, it is hoped, will introduce the reader to the main themes and topics of the Divine Book and inspire him to undertake its full study with a view to finding real peace and prosperity in life.


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Whatsapp Status: Success is not in money, but real success is achieved through Salah( Prayers)


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Dua( Prayers/ supplications) when trapped in lift, calamity, natural disaster, emergency, earthquake, floods, cyclones, epidemics, ..


Trials, Tests and Troubles lead to Greatest Rewards, Seeing Lord Mighty, Closeness of Lord, Purification and Cleansing


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Don’t expect appreciation, praise, help, favour, assistance,reward from poor, beneficiary, needy , orphan, deserving people after donating money, charity, sadaqah, zakaah: Expect rewards only from Allah


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Deprived of precious water of Lake Kauthar: Due to innovation in religion ( introducing new things in religion)