Celebration of Birthday of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam: Detestable and invented innovation, expenditure and waste of money on banquets, decoration…


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Dua( Prayers/ supplications) when trapped in lift, calamity, natural disaster, emergency, earthquake, floods, cyclones, epidemics, ..


Trials, Tests and Troubles lead to Greatest Rewards, Seeing Lord Mighty, Closeness of Lord, Purification and Cleansing


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Adornment and Best Quality of Woman is Shyness and of Wise Person is Silence


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Don’t expect appreciation, praise, help, favour, assistance,reward from poor, beneficiary, needy , orphan, deserving people after donating money, charity, sadaqah, zakaah: Expect rewards only from Allah


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Deprived of precious water of Lake Kauthar: Due to innovation in religion ( introducing new things in religion)


Importance and benefits of Teaching: It is influence thousands of people, and it has effects and reflections for more than hundred years


Major cause of separation, break up,divorce, groupism, broken friendship, strained and broken relationship, isolation, hatred ,revenge, Jealousy and enmity: Excessive joking, making fun of others and jesting


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We can sleep in state of impurity( Junub, impure after sexual intercourse): But better to perform Wudu( Ablution)


Only Wudu(Ablution) is required for sexual discharge of Madhiy( sticky white fluid): Ghusl is not required


Wash vessel( bowl, plate, pan, utensils) seven times from which dog has eaten food , for cat wash it once


Two sins lead to punishment in Grave: Not protecting self from urine and slandering people and spreading it among people


Ways to raise and elevate rank and status: Perfect Wudu ( during difficulty), walking towards masjid, waiting for salah


Don’t face Qiblah or show back towards it, while doing toilet, urinating or defecating


Seek forgiveness after leaving from washroom and toilet: Dua and prayer after leaving toilet and washroom


Best and Effective Dua and prayers for Scholars, Aalim, Engineers, Medical students, Engineering students, Doctors, Architect, Students of Knowledge, Professional, Para Medical students, Scientists, Pharmacist, Research Scholar, Ph d Students, Students who are pursuing Competitive and entrance examination, NEET, IELTS, TOFEL, IAS, IPS, NET, NATA, CLAT, CA, MBBS, MD, Chemical engineering, Mechanical engineering, IT, Data Science, AI, ITI, Law students, Civil service examination, Science students, Commerce, Arts students


Don’t ignore and underestimate small opportunity, success,.: Sometimes there is goodness and blessings in bad things


Don’t be sad , hopeless and depressed: Lord Almighty is Excellent Protector and Excellent Helper


Remembering Lord Almighty: Leads to Peace, Calmness, Rest, Relaxation, Satisfaction, Comfort, Energy, Liveliness, Enthusiasm, Motivation, Inspiration, Health, Contentment, Restful Heart, Assured Heart


Tips for peaceful and happy life: Don’t worry what other people think about you, don’t please them, Please Lord Almighty


Don’t be scared, frightened and afraid: Lord Almighty is with you…All Hearing and All Seeing


How to elevate status: Let go approach, ignore others, who hurt you, insults you, defame you, isolate you, distance you, make your fun, your competitors, jealous, hate you, your enemies, those who break relationship, steals your possession, cheats you..


Solution and source of peace of mind: Only Lord Almighty is source of Peace


Be humble: Don’t degrade, hurt and insult others due to their Beauty, poverty, features, appearance, status, job, house, height, weight, complexion, children..


Three replies, answers and responses of Lord Almighty to our prayers, duas , invocations and supplications


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