Negative Ion Humidifier Aromatherapy at $11.99

Negative Ion Humidifier Aromatherapy

Limited time offer

Negative Ion Humidifier Aromatherapy Air Purifier Nano Water Supply Mini USB Humidifier – Crystal Cream

Main Features:
Purify the air, breathe freely
Take care of family health at all times, moisturize and purify without delay

Nano atomized water molecules
Instant penetration, nourishing with exercise

Aromatherapy conditioning, help sleep and calm the mind
Drop in toilet water to prevent mosquitoes, relieve stress, and eliminate fatigue

Work in the workplace without fear of dryness
Office skin beauty artifact, zero radiation, relieve dry skin

The pure natural negative ions produced by the instantaneous impact of water molecules purify the air while refreshing

Spray port
The high-frequency atomization vibration makes the water molecules quickly atomized, making it easier for the skin to absorb

Cup body
Dynamic label, embellish the visual beauty of the cup

Cup bottom
There is a piece of soft rubber attached to the bottom of the cup, which is wear-resistant and prevents slipping

Cup shape
The shape of the water cup can be perfectly hidden on the desktop

LED luminous characters
Unique LED luminous characters, warm night light function

Multiple ways to get electricity
1. Notebook power supply
2. Charger power supply
3. Powered by mobile power

Applicable area: below 10 square meters
Power: 2W
Power supply: USB DC5V
Water tank: 300ml


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