Amazon promo code for Magnetic Wireless Charger [2 Pack] for iPhone 12 Series

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Magnetic Wireless Charger MOSONTH [2 Pack] for iPhone 12 Series

Features & details

【Convenient Magnetic Wireless Charging】The MOSONTH Magnetic Wireless Charger makes wireless charging a snap, and does not affect the Signal and Charging Efficiency, especially for iPhone 12/mini/Pro/Pro Max(as well as with compatible MagSafe phone cases). No More Alignment Problems, Snaps magnetically into place to ensure perfect alignment and strong hold for stable and efficient charging. *The magnetic alignment experience ONLY applies to iPhone 12/mini/Pro/Pro Max/phone cases with MagSafe.

【3.2hrs full charge keep Safe & Cool】Charges iPhone 12 to full in 3.2hrs and stays Safe & Cool. The MOSONTH Magnetic Wireless Charger protects your device from Over Charging and Overheating, detects Foreign Objects, prevents Shorting Circuit, and makes sure your phone is charged at the right Current and Voltage.

【Why choose MOSONTH Magnetic Pad】[1st] Snaps easily on the back of your phone with a secure connection. [2nd] Charges iPhone 12 to full 10 minutes faster than other wireless chargers. [3rd] Keeps your phone cool and intact while charging. [4th] Small and portable, easy to carry. (About 0.28*2.36*2.36inches; 7*60*60*mm)

【Designed for iPhone 12】Pairs up flawlessly with the magnetic functions of the iPhone 12 series, as well as with compatible MagSafe phone cases.

【What You Get】2 x MOSONTH Magnetic Wireless Charger with 3. 3ft Built-in USB-C Cable, 18-month warranty, User Guide, Friendly customer service (AC adapter not included. For optimal charging, pair with a USB-C PD Power Adapter at least 18W)


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