Amazon Promo Code for Electric Pencil Sharpener, Automatic Pencil Sharpener

Limited time offer:save 65% on Electric Pencil Sharpener

Save 65.0% on select products from barsone with promo code 65MSGTAF, through 3/31 while supplies last.

Electric Pencil Sharpener, Automatic Pencil Sharpener Battery-Powered to Fast Sharpen, Easy to Use for No.2/Colored Pencils(6-8mm) in School Classroom/Office/Home

Why choosing our Pencil Sharpener?

1. Automatic Mode and Manual Mode:

– Automatic Mode: Press down pencil to start work and automatic sharpening, sharpen every pencil to a perfect point within seconds.

– Manual Mode: Just put the pencil inside the pencil sharpener and rotate it, when batteries are dead.

2. Easy To Clean:

All shavings will be stored in a large-capacity shaving box. Opening and observe the shaving box can also be very simple.

3. More Safety:

Blade can not operate when shavings bin cover is open. The pencil sharpener rotate the switch to cover the hole after use, effectively protect kid’s fingers from injury.

4. More Durable:

To ensure the life of the pencil sharpener, the packaging includes 2 free adjustable blades.

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