Hamburger Tool ( Limited time offer)

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Ultimate Hamburger Tool – This burger patty press is a very practical gadget in kitchen. Interior ridges give patty a ribbed surface which creates seared effect once cooked. It helps to make the patty in a great shape, for BBQ, picnic, party, etc.

Non-stick Coating – Made of hard anodized aluminum with solid wooden handle. Non-stick surface helps keeps the patty intact during removal. Or with a wax burger paper, the patty will be taken out easier and easy after-use wash. Detachable solid wooden handle saves storage space when going out for picnic or outdoor BBQ

Easy to Use – Simply load the burger patty maker with your favorite ground meat or veggie mixture with seasoning, press down the handle to make compacted patties.

Multi-function – OAMCEG hamburger press is not only a meat cake mold but also a barbecue plate, which can be directly heated directly on a heating appliance such as a fire/iron plate, which greatly satisfies the needs of consumers.

Size – Burger press base measures 4.6” in diameter, offers a patty diameter of 4.5“ and thickness up to 0.8“, approximately 1/4 pound, makes consistent burgers that cook evenly. Great for making traditional or stuffed burgers, crab cakes & sausage patties.

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