How to get rid from Dry skin?? | Health Hub

Dry Skin

Dryness occurs when the skin loses moisture or cannot retain it. Heated air indoors during winter, bathing too often and using harsh soaps can contribute to dry skin. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that dry skin occurs most frequently on the lower legs, sides of the abdomen and thighs, although the condition may appear anywhere on the body.

1. Honey:
Rub some honey all over your face and body and sit for 10 minutes. Then, take a shower. You will come out with a soft glowing skin, which will remain glowy throughout the day.

2. Warm Milk:
Mix 1-2 teaspoon of almond oil in a glass, full of tepid milk. Take it before sleeping at night. This will make your skin oily and nourished from within while preventing its dryness.

3. Avocado Mask:
Take a ripe avocado and make puree out of it. Now, mix it with 2 teaspoons of curd along with ½ a teaspoon of honey. Put this mask on your face or any dry part of your body. After 10 minutes, wash it off with water.

4. Olive Oil:
Mix two tablespoons of olive oil, four tablespoons of fine brown sugar, and one tablespoon of honey. Rub this homemade scrub on your dry skin using light, circular motions for a few minutes. Take a shower and then apply a light moisturizer.

5. Coconut Oil:
Liberally apply warm coconut oil all over your body before going to sleep. Wash it off in the morning. Do this daily to make your skin soft and smooth.

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