How to handle difficult, misbehaving and problematic students and children?

1) Communicate your concern with Parents.

2) Don’t lose temper.

3) Try your level best to find root cause of problems.

4) Devise and plan useful and different strategies.

5) Try to win heart of students through appreciation and positive reinforcement.

6)Don’t insult student.

7) Don’t humiliate student infront of others

8) Counseling

9)Make groups in class and play team games.Involve him in the game.

10) Don’t discourage student.

11)Be role model

12)Involve student in skit and Role play( Let him enact character of good person)

13)Let him participate in school assembly and other school events

14) Appreciate small achievement

15) Practice what you preach

16) Discuss problems in private

17)Wait..Wait…Wait..don’t react immediately

18) Have patience.Deal him with extra care.

19)Give him project work in which he is interested

20)Help him to solve his problems.Help him to complete his homework

21) Support him , when he is humiliated by others.Have empathy and sympathy for him

22)Listen to his problems.Be a good listener.

23)Seek assistance from other teachers and principal

24) Play games with him on ground

25)Don’t give up

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