How to become Effective and Excellent English Teacher?

Simple and easy strategies, methods and approach to achieve Great Success in Teaching English Language.

* Do good and effective planning and preparation before delivering lessons

* Role model: Teacher should mastery on vocabulary, grammar skills, prose and poetry..

* In the beginning:Teach simple and easy concepts

* Evaluation: Check again and again to know whether students have understood concepts.

* Develop questioning skills: Good questions are always better and effective tool for maximum learning and understanding

*Practice leads to perfection: practice, practice, practice…

*Encourage and motivate students through positive reinforcement

* Don’t criticize, demotivate or insult students

*Interaction:There should be maximum interaction and participation of students

*Interest: Play team games

* Innovation :Use various, novel and different activities

*Technology: Use audio visual aids

*Organize role play and skits

*Keep explanation and instructions clear and simple

* Recapitulation: Revise concepts at regular intervals

* Be a good listener: Listen to their questions and answers

*Application:Students should apply acquired knowledge in day to day life examples

*Speaking and thinking: Students should speak more than teacher.Students should think and express in English.Teacher should be facilitator

*Give students group project work.

* Give them writing work: To develop writing skills

* Provide diagnostic and remedial teaching

* Take regular feed back

*Do thorough analysis of answer paper.To find their weakness and strength

*Upgradation and professionally development:Keep yourself updated with innovative and latest methods

*Use inquiry based learning, game based learning, cooperative learning

* Develop reading skills: There should be library time and home assignments

*There should be student led classroom

* Rectify mistakes and errors immediately

*There should be classroom discussion.

* Be transparent, honest and sincere in your approach

* Avoid self contradiction

* Accept mistakes

*Appreciate small achievement

*Seek guidance from subject experts

*Summarize the content in concise and most beautiful manner

* Set induction: Introduce the topic by eliciting responses from students.

*Give worksheets to strengthening and evaluating the concept

* Take regular assessment

*Use flash cards and innovative teaching aids

*Don’t give up…try..try..strive hard to achieve excellence

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