30 Remedies to get rid of Bad Breath

* Avoid food which causes bad breath: Onions, Garlic..

* Use Mouth wash

*Consult Dentist

* Get rid of constipation

* Get adequate sleep

* Drink adequate water

*Gargle and wash your mouth after meals

* Don’t keep your mouth closed for longer time

* Clean your Tongue

*Get rid of Acid reflux

* Drink Milk

* Drink Pine apple juice

* Eat Yogurt

* Eat Apple

* Eat food which contains Zinc

* Eat Orange

* Eat fennel seeds

*Avoid Alcohol

* Avoid Tobacco

* Change your tooth brush after three months

* Curing Ailments:It can be caused due to Diabetes, Respiratory tract infection, kidney or liver diseases

* Avoid smoking

* Eat Cloves

* Drink citrus juice or eat citrus fruit

*Drink lukewarm water empty stomach in the morning

* Avoid Antihistamines

* Avoid multi vitamin supplement

*Cure and clear sinus congestion

*Chew Cinnamon sticks

*Salt water Rinse

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